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A Division of Systems Integrators


-Illumination and Controllers -

Advanced Illumination

Advanced illumination offers a larger selection of lighting products for machine vision applications including: Axial Diffuse lights, back lighting, diffuse lights, ring lights, spot lights linear Advanced illumination products arrays and line lights.  They also offer a full complement of accessories, current regulators and strobe controllers for these products.

CCS America

CCS is a leading company that boasts top-level market shares in Japan and overseas for machine-vision-use LED lighting.  Machine vision is actively utilized for quality control purposes at various manufacturing worksites: images taken by cameras are used to determine success or failure in processes including external examinations, positioning, written character recognition and so forth, and light delivered by lighting products plays an important role in these operations.

Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing machine vision lights for the advanced lighting industry. Their products feature high current LEDs and an intelligent driver in every light.   With the built in intelligent driver, a separate driver is no longer needed for the machine light. This intelligent driver, also known as a smart driver, provides a constant current to every machine vision light.

Gardasoft Vision

Gardasoft develops and manufactures  high performance LED lighting controllers.  The Gardasoft range of LED lighting controllers allow you to precisely control your illumination, strobe the LEDs at high speeds and narrow pulse widths, safely overdrive the LEDs for optimum performance and control the lights Gardasoft products via RS232 or Ethernet. 

Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering designs and manufactures optical systems for the machine vision industry.  They consistently deliver the best performance/price ratio optics. For Opto Engineering “innovation” means smart design and engineering targeting unique optical solutions including; telecentric, 360° and IR optics.

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