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Flat Screen Technologies

A Division of Systems Integrators

FST extends the useful life of Flat Panel Displays for its customers by providing both cost effective and environmentally responsible technology solutions. We provide full-service circuit card repair services for both Lead

and Lead-Free (RoHS) soldered boards.  

Flat Screen Technologies specializes in LCD repair and refurbishment. We use a strongly vetted set of suppliers to ensure that all components meet our high-quality standards. Our repairs are not limited to basic backlight and polarizer replacement, we have specially engineered equipment designed to remove and replace your panels TAB’s if they fail. All panels that flow through our facility are tracked through our custom tracking software this will record when a repair was completed, what repairs were completed, and any other notes we may have had.
LCD Products Repair and Service.

Is part of your screen darker than the rest? This could be due to a failing backlight assemblies, here at Flat Screen Technologies we can replace these assemblies with brand new components. We specialize in CCFL backlight replacement for the gaming, industrial applications. Many times systems are designed to fit specific panels and re-engineering an entire system to fit a new panel is out of the questions,  we are here to make sure those panels can continue on. We worked with our suppliers to find a special color temperature bulb that helps to make panels look brighter, and newer simply by changing out the backlight assemblies. If you require a normal white color temperature we have also worked with our suppliers to get an OEM appearance. We stock a wide variety of bulb sizes and if we don’t we can special order them for your specific project. We are happy to do a performance evaluation on panels to ensure that the repairs that you are receiving are exactly what you are expecting.

Has your LCD or LED TV ever been scratched, dented, or dinged? Maybe you were moving and someone rubbed their belt buckle against it, no need to worry anymore we can fix those problems. Using our Custom Designed equipment we can replace the polarizer on your screen and getting it looking like brand new. To complete this process we will disassemble the entire screen and remove just the glass, we use a heated removal system to help ensure no damage comes to your screen. After the polarizer has been removed we then clean the entire screen beforeISO-9001-2008-AS9100-revC-( bringing it into our class 100 clean room to have its new polarizer installed using another piece of custom design equipment. After all work has been completed we carefully put your screen back together and test it to ensure that your screen is working properly

Vertical or horizontal lines in you LCD Screen? Don’t scrap this panel, this issue can be a repairable defect. Using our custom design equipment we can replace the individual IC’s, commonly referred to as TAB IC’s, that transmit the data from the driver directly to the glass. We carefully remove the TAB from a panel that has been scrapped and use this to replace it on your glass. We can also source new a TAB if we have not worked with your panel in the past. With this process, we can greatly increase our yield on batches of panels that you thought might be failures. So even if you believe panels may be complete losses feel free to send us a picture and we would be happy to let you know if there is anything that we can do for you.

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